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A NASA Space Shuttle plummets to Earth. A team of eight rescue workers plunges into a treacherous Texan wilderness to recover the wreckage, and becomes entwined in a cosmic conspiracy. A young man compulsively sketches scenes of perdition to give vent to the horrifying images in his head. A young NASA employee finds his work sabotaged by his own organization. An uncouth disembodied head enslaves an elderly rancher and uses his cellar as the war room of its campaign against God. God Himself— a noir-style slickster with a buxom blonde wife and a taste for margaritas— rockets down from the suburbs of Heaven on a comet to do physical battle with metaphysical evils.


Tying together a huge cast of characters and a multitude of genres, Shooting Angels races from the jungles of Texas, to the dark corners of undiscovered space, to the innermost reaches of the human mind, to the smoggy streets of Central Heaven, where people, no longer cowed by the threat of their own mortality, are free to give in to their most detestable urges. Ultimately, the novel asks its characters to confront their ordering theories of the universe, and raises the question of how we are to envision divinity in a technical age.

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