Nicolas Sansone


May 2012, The Calamari Kleptocracy (All Things That Matter Press)

September 2009, Shooting Angels (All Things That Matter Press)


Short Fiction:

June 2016, "The Takeover" (Word Riot)

April 2013, "On the Market of Romantic Capital" (Big Lucks)

February 2013, "Never Fight a Crown Fire" (Conium Review )

January 2013, "Understanding the Tea Party Movement" (Defenestration)

November 2012, "Retaliation" (Thrice Fiction Magazine)

November 2011, "Revolution (A Love Story)" (Whistling Shade)

October 2011, "Certain Behavior Has Come To Light" (The Los Angeles Review)

August 2011, "Missed Appointment" (Word Riot)

July 2011, "The First Two Minutes" (Takahe)

May 2011, "Satisfactory" (The Journal of Microliterature)

March 2011, "Dinghy Romance" (The Big Jewel)

February 2011, "Amy in Twenty Chapters" (Bartleby Snopes) ** PUSHCART NOMINATED **

January 2011, "The Hunt" (Denver Syntax)

November 2010, "Peregrination" (NANO Fiction)

January 2010, "Struck Dumb" (PANK)

September 2009, "The Ice Storm" (The Cynic Online)

July 2009, "Constructive Criticisms for My Subconscious" (Pear Noir! )

May 2009, "Foundling" (Theaker's Quarterly Fiction)

February 2009, "Contrition" (Ignavia Press)

February 2009, "Brevity" (Six Sentences)

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